Spy earpiece hidden hearpiece to cheat exam

Hidden Earpiece to Cheat exam.

Hidden Earpiece to Business Meetings.


Hidden Earpiece to Lecturer.


SpyEarpiece.com was the first internet domain dedicated to the design Hidden Earpiece and camera for cheating on tests and exams sistems.

Being the first has made us the best.

High quality Spy earpiece.

The “High quality spy earpiece” in our catalogue are divided into several models and although some improve others, all achieve the standard of invisibility with respect to:

  • Ergonomic shape: Prevents expulsions to the outside.
  • Polymer chassis: To avoid external sounds.
  • Very low inductive level: Avoids detection.

Mir 21 Spy Earpiece.

Spy earpiece cheating exam Mir 21 Pro

Slightly more affordable than our Mir 21 pro Spy earpiece but minimizing the main features as it keeps the same type of polymer in the chassis and also includes the Lar anti inhibitor principle.

Its low level of induction makes it undetectable.

Price 960 

  • USD: $1,034.71
  • AED: 3,798.53 د.إ
  • QAR: 3,760.61 ر.ق
  • INR: 85,862.4 ₹
  • KWD: 318.86 د.ك
  • RUB: 95,522.9 ₽

Takoon Spy Earpiece.

Spy earpiece cheating exam Takoon

The hidden earpiece Takoon is invisible (whoever looks at us laterally will only see the hole in the empty ear).

Its low level of induction makes it undetectable, prevents outside sounds and is immune to inhibitors…

Price 1,411 

  • USD: $1,520.80
  • AED: 5,583.04 د.إ
  • QAR: 5,527.31 ر.ق
  • INR: 126,199.8 ₹
  • KWD: 468.66 د.ك
  • RUB: 140,398.7 ₽

Spy earpiece with camera for cheating in exams.

Invisible cameras are the best complement to a hidden earpiece.

We have different (up to 8) types of hidden cameras to exam cheating, however only two meet the necessary conditions to transmit documents at unlimited distance and no one notice anything in our appearance and gestures.

These systems are called Lar® Camera.

Lar® Camera to Cheating exams.

Invisible camera to cheating exams

Undetectable, no WiFi, no suspicious buttons. 3g gprs micro connections. No configuration needed, automatic sending.

Price 1,560 

  • USD: $1,681.40
  • AED: 6,172.61 د.إ
  • QAR: 6,110.99 ر.ق
  • INR: 139,526.4 ₹
  • KWD: 518.15 د.ك
  • RUB: 155,224.7 ₽

Lar® Pro Camera to Cheating exams.

Hidden earpiece camera 4G to exams cheat

Undetectable, no WiFi, no suspicious buttons. 1g-2g-3g-4g micro connections. Email- Google fotos-youtube streaming etc.

Price 2,560 

  • USD: $2,759.22
  • AED: 10,129.41 د.إ
  • QAR: 10,028.29 ر.ق
  • INR: 228,966.4 ₹
  • KWD: 850.30 د.ك
  • RUB: 254,727.7 ₽

“Spy Earpieces” & Covert Communications to security operations.

Spy Earpiece Covert communications for security operations

The SosEspias group has been designing hidden headphones since 1987 and is the owner of SpyEarpiece.com. The first Internet domain dedicated to hidden earpieces.

The fact that “invisible earpieces” are used by younger and younger students like  “spy earpiece for exam cheating attracts a multitude of deceptions and scams.

These deceptions are usually based on assigning cheap Chinese headphones (At Aliexpress cost 10€), characteristic of authentic “spy earpiece for cheating.

These types of scams are carried out mainly on retail sites or on Amazon.com itself, where 3,000 sellers were recently expelled for obtaining false positive evaluations of their products (Follow the news on google).

What makes it legal or illegal to use that in exams of earpieces with camera?

There is only one law, illegal is that which is prohibited by law or which by analogy can be equated with something prohibited by law.

In Spain, currently (as of this publication) it is the examiner himself who determines the conditions and the sanctions that apply to those who fail to comply.

There are even exams in which it is allowed to use all kinds of aids to which we can have access during the performance of the professional functions for which we are being examined…

UPDATE: Use of Spy earpiece to cheating exams in Spain: Surprisingly the new law that regulates the activity of university students in 2021 stipulates only sanctions given by the faculty, removing this behavior from the legal-illegal environment.

 Who can buy invisible earpiece?

Legally, a “invisible earpiece” is no different than a normal headset or a phone so anyone can buy a hidden headset.

The purchase of any type of headset is legal and can be made by anyone.

What is a Professional invisible earpiece?

Based on the fact that all (good, medium and bad) are more or less invisible communications equipment, what characterizes professional invisible earpiece is:

  • Fastening to the inside of the ear: Cheap hidden earpieces have conical shapes, if you press any conical object between the wet fingers, you will see that it moves. This effect causes cheap earpieces to be pushed out of the ear.
  • External noise removal: Cheap hidden earpieces are made of plastic or metal (magnets), these materials vibrate and transmit sounds outwards. People nearby hear these telltale sounds. Professional hidden earpieces use special polymers whose mission is to avoid these sounds to the outside.
  • Interference in Nearby Electronics: Cheap hidden earpieces work with very high induction levels, these high levels interfere with nearby electronics. Professional hidden earpieces work with induction levels up to 100 times lower to prevent them from being detected.
  • Anti-Inhibitor: Our professional earpieces are anti inhibitor.
  • Anti-detectors: The signal of our Professional hidden earpiece Takoon  work with induction. levels so low that their signal cannot be detected.

FALSE comments!:

Most of the reviews you will find in invisible bluetooth earpiece for cheating Stores are fake!!!

It is especially easy for the site author to do this:


Super urgent shipping, in 24 hours I received it, much more invisible than I expected and all the exams succeded.

Webmaster: Thank you, we are here to serve you.


Months ago I bought in another store another hidden headset that did not work, but this is totally fabulous, model very improved, it’s pleasant. Thank you.

Webmaster: Always improving…


The smallest earpiece in the world, passing the best to pass exams.

I called them with some doubts and they solved them at the moment.


I didn't have them all with me because I already bought a poop somewhere else, but this is. More than a thousand Euros but I already tell you that they amortized in two uses haha
- Samu

This practice is a scam and is prohibited but they use it even on Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. The seller buys valuations from companies specialized in this fraud.

No one who buys a hidden headset wants to comment on the use!! On the contrary, it is usual that the maximum anonymity is sought, even many buyers use the data law to ask us to delete these once received the equipment.


As holders of industrial rights, we prohibit legally authorized Pinganillo stores from posting comments as these would never be neutral.

The way to make sure to buy a quality product is to check in the Ministry of Industry the industrial rights, as well as their validity and seniority making sure to buy the real owner of these.

Before using a “Spy Earpiece” to cheat in exams, consult the laws of your country, the regulations regarding this are different depending on the country. In some it is explicitly banned, in many it is perfectly legal to use audiovisual aids and in others it is comparable to any another copy aid, (cheat sheets, crib notes, etc).