The Best Exams Cheating 4G Camera with Spy Earpiece

The Sos Espías group and present the new version of the Lar Pro 4G Camera to cheating exams.

This is a pin…

And this is the microdot which the latest model of Lar4G  Camera uses to read and transmit more than 40 documents in 60 seconds.

Observe the stopwatch.

With this version our goal was to come up with a design that makes total concealment in any garment especially easy.

The Lar Camera is already installed.

We’ve just camouflaged the best exam cheating camera with Spy Earpiece for transmitting documents in record time with results never seen before.

At the bottom you can see what the camera is seeing… the control panel shows a perfect visual.

Notice that even when you know there’s a camera and you know where it is, there is nothing that arouses even the slightest suspicion.

Try to find the “exams cheating camera“. It’s impossible even though the pattern on the garment doesn’t make camouflaging particularly easy.