The best invisible camera to exams cheating

The latest version of the Lar Spy Earpiece Camera can transmit up to 40 documents in 60 seconds in high definition.

You’re watching it work right now in easy mode, with no configuration.

Watch the screen on the assistant’s device. The documents are captured quickly and smoothly. Again, this is the easy mode, without any configuration whatsoever.

Everything is automatic.

Within this easy mode, the new Lar Exam Cheating Camera also allows for direct video streaming in real time, the latest and most perfect system for sending video over unlimited distances.

And most importantly, it’s undetectable, with no buttons or suspicious objects.

We’ve designed the new Lar Camera to be so easy to install that it can be camouflaged almost anywhere, making it very difficult to detect and extremely simple to use.

The new native 4G transmission system allows you to dispense with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, both of which are wireless link systems that are particularly easy to detect with just a phone.

When you buy a system from the group, you’re buying much more than a piece of equipment: you’ll also get testing, practice, advice, tips and top-notch customer service.