Hidden earpiece camera 4G
Hidded earpiece camera exam 4G wifi
Cheating camera 4g easy mode
Hidden earpiece camera 4G

Invisible Camera to exam cheating Lar® pro 4G


  • USD: $2,759.22
  • AED: 10,129.41 د.إ
  • QAR: 10,028.29 ر.ق
  • INR: 228,966.4 ₹
  • KWD: 850.30 د.ك
  • RUB: 254,727.7 ₽


Video shows the product being used in real life, recorded without cuts

4G Camera cheating features 1
4G Camera cheating features 2

The new Lar Pro 4G Camera is the best-performing hidden “camera to exams cheat” on the market:

  • Allows document captures to be received remotely in less than 2 seconds and at an unlimited distance.
  • Allows up to 40 documents to be sent in 60 seconds documents.
  • Direct streaming via Youtube at an unlimited distance.
  • Wifi not required.
  • Shape and size makes it undetectable when concealed.

However, the most important thing about this spy earpiece camera is that it works right out of the box, it does not require any configuration.

No Buttons.

You won’t be caught if you’re not wearing suspicious accessories.

Button camera to cheat exams

The Lar Pro Camara doesn’t include any suspicious buttons

No WiFi.
It won’t be discovered if you don’t use it.

Using WiFi means using a portable router or a phone with shared WiFi.

Too many connections to be detectable.

Wifi camera cheatin exams detector


A Wifi signal has a range of 8 metres, so in a room where phones are not allowed, any WiFi connection is suspicious.

A 4G signal has a range of up to 10,000 metres, so it fills every room and makes detection very difficult.

The Lar Pro Camera can use native 4G micro connections.
Very difficult to detect.

Easy operation.

1 Insert a Sim.

2 Press the ‘On’ button.

3 By pressing a button, you can send videos or photos to your assistant.


Forget about configuring mail servers, video servers, Apns, Smtp, IPs, Codec and any other kind of settings.

The Lar Pro Camera does not require any configuration.

Remote assistant control.

An assistant can request photos and 4G video streaming from an unlimited distance.

On-site control.

Concealed push button.

The person wearing the camera can send Photo and video via a hidden push button on their body.

More resources than you will ever use.

Compatible with the most powerful and fastest systems for sending photos and video on the web.

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Features of the Lar Pro camera with hidden earpiece:

Invisibility: 10/10.

Adaptability: Can see through a 1 mm diameter hole.
Shape means it can be undetectable when worn on any garment.

Coverage: 4G-3G-2G-Gprs

OCR definition: Can transmit documents with small print text.

Distance: Unlimited.

Image quality: Fully HD optimised to facilitate super fast sending times

Easy to use:

  • Manual mode The user can control the device using a push button hidden on their body.
  • Remote mode, an assistant can operate the whole system from a distance.

Required user configuration: None, the whole system is self-configured

Network: 4G Native No portable router or WiFi needed.

Other features:

  • Connection type: 1G-2G-3G-4G-5G
  • Automatically sends via email
  • Automatically uploads to Google Photos
  • Sends recorded videos
  • Direct Video Streaming connection to Youtube
  • Direct Video Streaming connection to Facebook
  • Direct Video Streaming connection to other compatible platforms
  • Remote control from an assistant’s terminal
  • Full “Lar” control panel
  • Ideal for use capturing documents or as a camera to exams cheat


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