Spy Earpiece Mir 21 Pro


  • USD: $1,042.35
  • AED: 3,827.62 د.إ
  • QAR: 3,793.54 ر.ق
  • INR: 86,838.2 ₹
  • KWD: 320.72 د.ك
  • RUB: 94,020.5 ₽


Spy Earpiece Specifications:

Special kit for use with mobile phone including microphone Aox 326

The “Mir 21 Pro Spy Earpiece” with Lar® system is our economic version of the famous Takoon system, in this hidden earpiece to cheating exams our aim is to bring together the same characteristics as the Takoon Hidden Earpiece Anti Jammer system while cutting back on quality as little as possible and seeking to reduce its price to a minimum, however “covert communication comes at a price” it requires the latest technology in electronic components and it is really hard to get really effective equipment any cheaper

– Highly sensitive microphone to work with minimal whispers

– Prosthetic earpiece with polymer finish to prevent vibration and noise on the outside

– Only 15% less Invisible than the Takoon system but at a more affordable price

Includes compatible features

Hidden earpiece mp3 to exams

Spy Earpiece to cheating

Mir 21 Spy Earpiece for walkie talkie

Different clients using “Mir 21 Pro Spy Earpiece”

If your ear is smaller you may need Takoon Hidden Earpiece Anti Jammer

Authentic photographs supplied by clients (we have changed the names to ensure your anonymity)

Earpiece exam cheat Finn from Switze

Hidden earpiece cheating exam Adrien from France

Hidden earpiece cheating exam Jorge from Spain

Spy earpiece cheating exam Oliver from Uk

Spy earpiece exam cheat levin from Switzerland

Spy earpiece exam cheat Stephan from France

Spy earpiece exam Cheating Edu from Spain

Spy earpiece exam cheating Kiran from India

Hidden earpiece cheating exam Onofre from Italy