Spy earpiece with mask face
Spy earpiece with mask face
Mask to Spy earpiece
Spy earpiece Mask

Spy Earpiece Face Mask | Professional Spy Earpiece whit Face Mask


  • USD: $2,274.68
  • AED: 8,349.83 د.إ
  • QAR: 8,221.78 ر.ق
  • INR: 189,568.9 ₹
  • KWD: 698.09 د.ك
  • RUB: 211,162.6 ₽



The Spy Earpiece Face Mask is the novelty of the year 2021 as far as versions of the Takoon Spy Earpiece are

The Spy earpiece with mask contains a Takoon Spy earpiece and a mask that hides the connection mechanism:

The mask is a normal mask that also contains:

  • Bluetooth connection system
  • High sensitivity microphone: (Allows you to speak at extremely low volume)
  • Induction-connection system with the Spy earpiece

Spy earpiece with Exam Mask

The amount of tests that are being carried out requiring attendees to wear a mask has resulted in many people looking for a Spy earpiece for Exams wanting to use it with a mask, this has its pros and cons:

  • By covering your mouth, the Spy earpiece mask allows you to speak more discreetly and without being noticed
  • Mask hides both transmitter and battery
  • On the other hand we have systems that hide the connection, microphone etc. in the body, in our view more secure and stable

Spy Earpiece with Mask

The efficiency of the hidden earphone system depends on your earpiece, it is the part of the equipment that we introduce the ear, the quality of the brand will define whether they will detect us or not.

In this case, the Spy earpiece used is the Takoon Spy earpiece, the best in our catalog.

Being a mask, it must look authentic and completely normal; therefore, its fragility can be very high.

We have solved the problem of fragility by developing a system so that you can change the bluetooth link from one mask to another easily

Before deciding on one or the other, take a look at our…


Compatible with all of our exam cheat cameras

Considerations regarding Spy earpieces with Masks

Remember that any manipulation of a mask completely damages the safety of the mask. If you need anti-virus protection, use an approved one below this one.