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Spy Earpiece Covert Earpiece Takoon

Takoon Hidden Earpiece Anti Jammer


  • USD: $1,520.80
  • AED: 5,583.04 د.إ
  • QAR: 5,527.31 ر.ق
  • INR: 126,199.8 ₹
  • KWD: 468.66 د.ك
  • RUB: 140,398.7 ₽


Our Takoon hidden earpiece brings together all the experience of more than 20 years of manufacturing covert earpieces.

There is nothing like our Takoon system, its main features are:

Polymer Chassis Generally the chassis of the covert earpieces are made of plastic, which inevitably produces vibrations that can be heard from the outside when we try to use it in very quiet rooms, our Takoon equipment with the Lar systems uses a soft touch polymer that removes all types of vibration and external sounds even when using it in extremely quiet rooms.

Ergonomically optimized to ensure it remains in the auditory channel The shape of this equipment is designed to facilitate covert attachment in the auditory channel eliminating expulsion problems caused by round or conical earpieces.

Autonomy: Up to 16 hours

High quality amplifier: works with undetectable induction intensities and does not produce interference

High Gain Microphone It can be hidden under clothing and allows voice capture even when speaking at a very low volume, capturing even the slightest whisper

The Takoon Spy Earpiece is much more than a covert earpiece, it is absolutely invisible. Most covert earpieces can be seen when examining the ear sideways, however, using the Takoon system the ear hole appears empty.

It enables wireless communication, over an unlimited distance; its sophisticated extremely sensitive microphone allows you to speak with your assistant using minimal whispers with no one around suspecting anything.

With a suppression system specially designed for use with mobile phone (talking and listening are possible simultaneously)


The price includes these functions:

Takoon Spy Earpiece to cheating

Takoon Spy Earpiece mp3 record

Takoon Spy Earpiece for walkie

Some of our clients using Spy Earpiece Takoon

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