comparison between magnetic and chinese examination earpieces

Magnetic Spy Earpieces

How do you know if you are being sold a simple magnet instead of a real earpiece?


. The earpiece does not use batteries: All electronic devices need power, when you find an offer that presumes not to need batteries in the earpiece, you are most certainly being offered a neodymium magnet

. The neckloop uses batteries: Not all neckloops using batteries are for fake earpieces (neodymium magnets), but all magnets, need high power induction neckloops and always need batteries.

. It uses a very large induction neckloop: Neckloops for authentic electronic earpieces are very small, built with thin wire and as they are very ductile adapt to the body. However inductive neckloops used to make a magnet sound, as they require a lot of power are extremely large, hard, rigid ring-shaped devices incorporating bulky units because they need high power batteries.

. Price: The technology is expensive, just as the price of a hearing aid (using similar electronic components) is always more than €800 and a reflex camera or an Iphone etc. will never be priced at €100, any spy earpieces offered cheaply, are either simple pieces of magnet or poor quality Chinese earphones and of course they are not invisible and produce interference in nearby electronic products and sounds outside the ear.

Consequences of using a magnet or a Chinese product instead of an original Spy earpiece cheat exam product.

The consequence of using a fake Spy earpiece, a magnet or shoddy earpiece directly affects the expected result

Magnetic Spy Earpieces

Magnetic Spy Earpiece comparative exam test

Authentic undetectable communication depends on several key factors, if one fails, our operation will be a disaster.

The essential features we need are:

Physical Invisibility: “Magnets spy earpieces” have the specific weight of metal, this coupled with the absence of an ergonomic shape (cubes or cylinders) will result in the expulsion from the ear, Chinese earpieces are conical, a shape which also helps it to be expelled outwards.

A good Spy Earpiece is very light and ergonomically shaped which ensures that the earpiece is secure and hidden inside the ear

Technical Invisibility: The poor quality of the amp included in Chinese earpieces or having no amplifier in the case of the magnets, means having to use very powerful induction signal generators, making them easy to detect as well as producing interference with nearby appliances.

A good Spy Earpiece requires extremely low induction power making it undetectable and immune to detectors and jammers

Autonomy: Both the magnet systems and the Chinese earpieces have very low autonomy, insufficient to ensure the result

A good Spy Earpiece has autonomy from a minimum of 8 hours to 50 hours, depending on the model.

Below are some of the devices on the market, offered as Spy Earpieces, which are in fact actually Chinese earpieces or simply Neodymium magnets