Spy Earpiece to cheating exams Frequently Asked Questions

What is a really “Spy Earpiece to cheating exams” and what is it used for ?

The “Spy Earpiece to cheating exams” is a wireless kit for secret communication:

We can use it while writing a test, in business meetings, in the court and almost in every occasion when covert type of communication is necessary With “Spy Earpiece” Their telephone GSM, their recording mp3 or their walki are inside their hearing, allowing him to receive all the information that you want in an invisible way

Which are the mains parts of the “Spy Earpiece” kit?

The “Spy Earpiece” is consists of :

Hidden earpiece – it is placed in your ear – this is the loudspeaker. The Kit includes all the necessary one, batteries, box for transport and connection interface to telephone GSM, recording mp3 or walkie

How does it work ?

Spy Earpiece in your ear is a loudspeaker, in another words, by mini ear receiver you can hear someone who is on the other side of the gsm line. Mini ear receiver is in wireless connection with the special telephone GSM, and someone who is on the other side of gsm line can hear your voice or your whisper and all sounds surrounding you. By mini ear receiver you can hear your interlocutor, by amplified microphone you can talk to someone.

The system can also be used with mp3 recording, hundred of topics recorded at your disposal.

How about the quality of the sound in my ear? Is there any noises ?

The sound is crystal clear and you can hear every said word by your interlocutor on the other side of gsm line.

In the professional systems, the silence in the exterior is absolute

In the basic system and standar system system, it can be listened from the exterior a very soft ssss

Can anyone see or hear that I have a hidden earpiece in my ear?

The professional Spy Earpiece to cheat in exams has a perfect anatomic shape, so no one will ever notice that you have anything inside your ear

The system Basic (right system not anatomical) and the system anatomical Standar, they are lightly visible from the exterior, they can be covered with the hair

How are the hidden earpiece powered?

The hidden earpiece is powered by a small battery ( approximately 06 – 100 hours of battery life )

Which gsm mobile phones are supported?

These systems manufacture them us, we can configure their Spy Earpiece for any telephone Apple, LG, Nokia, Nec, Sony, Motorola, etc.

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